No public AWStats

For those who got here thinking that they would get to see the web statistics for my site: Go to the AWStats homepage and try the live demo instead. Read along below for an explaination of all this…

I was just checking my web statistics noticed that there has been no less than 2126 hits on /awstats/ — this month alone! The problem is that I no longer have my statistics publicly available, so people get back a “404 — Not Found” page back. The statistics was put offline because it took up quite a lot of my disk space quota, and because people used the referrer statistics to find unprotected installations of PHP Shell.

So from now on a redirect (using the fantastic Apache mod_rewrite module) will be made to this post whenever someone tries to access the old AWStats installation.


  1. sam:


  2. siamak:


  3. heh:

    i wonder how many of them owned you before you checked your logs… nUb

  4. ReNz:

    oh lol

  5. Martin:

    A late comment for “heh”:

    i wonder how many of them owned you before you checked your logs… nUb

    Nobody attacked my machine — the problem was that people who installed PHP Shell would leave it unprotected (dispite the big warnings in the documentation) and then follow the link from their PHP Shell page to this site.

    A little while later a reverse link would show up in my statistics, and suddenly they had unexpected visitors to their web shell.

    One should never think that a site that is accessible from the Internet wont be found — it will. Google is a powerfull tool, and sooner or later a link back will be found.

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