Almost a Swiss now…

Today I bought my GA which means that I’m now almost a real Swiss :-) I only have a temporary paper card now, but in ten days time I’ll get the credit card size one.

I also looked a little more at Aarau — the center of the city is a lovely area with old houses maintained in their old style. I was looking for a cross-over cable so that I can connect my computer to Stéphanie’s laptop. I’ve tried to connect the Netopia 3342 USB ADSL modem to my machine, but I couldn’t get it working using Linux.

So now I was thinking about getting online through the Internet Connection Sharing feature of Windows XP — I don’t know how well it works, but if it’s just going to implement standard router functionality, then I guess it will do just fine. But I didn’t find a long enough cable, so I haven’t gone further with this plan.

Having a wireless ADSL router would of course be the coolest solution, but that appears to cost at least 150 € or more, so if I can get a cross-over cable for 10 € instead, then I think I’ll go for that option instead. But I’m open for suggestions, please comment on the ICS thing if you have any experience with it.

(It just occured to me that I ought to call this site “Geisler Offline” until I get this Internet problem sorted out :-)


  1. Max:

    My experience of ICS was with windows 98SE, and even then it was stable and worked well.

    If you’ve got DSL, then you can get a cheapo 4 port router/DSL modem in the UK for ~£35, I imagine it’s not a lot more in der Schweiz - and then you wont’ need both machines online.

  2. Martin:

    Yeah you’re right, I did come across some ADSL routers at about 50£ / 65 € so maybe I should just get one of those and go for the simple, obvious solution.

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