Visiting Aalborg

I’m visiting my family in Aalborg for a couple of days — when I go to Switzerland next month they wont be just an hours drive away anymore :-)

The plan for this week is to package the stuff in my room and move it up here to my parents. I’ll bring some of it with me to Switzerland, but only the most important stuff. Of course that includes my computer!

Speaking of my computer… I’ve ordered two Seagate 7200.7 SATA NCQ disks each with 120 GB. The plan is to combine them into a RAID 1 mirror so that I will have a reliable place for my photos and other data. In Skejbygård I could just copy my data to my friend Svend’s computer, but that wont work anymore when I’m in Switzerland. And besides: I’ve wanted a RAID system for quite some time now — I believe that the Debian installer can install on a RAID 1 system now.

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