Uhh, that was quick!

Just as I have put my site back online and written a single post I see that Janus already has posted about it… impressive! So now I of course just have to try out making a post about his post — using the TrackBack thingy of course!

So far WordPress seems to do what it’s supposed to do: give me a clean platform for writing stuff for the web. I have yet to checkout the post-by-mail feature, but since I like editing my stuff in Emacs I think I might love this thing — for I am of course sending my mails using Gnus from within Emacs :-)


  1. Martin:

    Hehe, it works! The post at Janus’ place has now updated itself to include a snippet of the text in this post… rather cool!

  2. Henning:

    This is a nice and inviting new look for your site.

  3. Kristian Kristensen:


    Sorry it took me so long to catch up, must have been an error in my blog reading ;-)

    Anyway, subscribed!

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