The RAID is resyncing…

The hard drives have arrived and are now in my machine as a RAID-1 mirror. The mirror is currently resyncing at 50 MB/sec, but I can still work on it — pretty cool!

The original plan was to use the two new disks in a mirror and reinstall Debian on it. But now I’m thinking about simply moving /home to the RAID and then leave the rest of the system alone.

That would make it extremely easy for me to upgrade and reinstallthe system since I would have my important data stored safely away on the RAID. And I don’t have to fiddle around with reinstalling my system right now; I had hoped that Debian Sarge would have been released by now, but they are still working on it.

Unfortunately I wont see any speed gains when I start, say, Emacs, or any other program if they aren’t located on the RAID. So I’m thinking about moving more than just /home to it — according to the FHS (which Debian follows) — I should be able to move at least /usr to it since it is read-only data.


  1. Janus:

    Unfortunately I wont see any speed gains when I start, say, Emacs

    Why would you start that? It is slow no matter what you do :p But I guess you can figure out the alternative I would suggest — so I will just leave it at that … ;)

  2. Martin:

    Hehe, very funny! :-)

    Actually, there exists an alternative which I just stumbled upon the other day: Zile which is an Emacs clon which is meant to be used in terminals for quick edits.

    But really, for quick edits I’m using Vim and that works fine for me. (Uh oh… now I’ve admitted that I’m not scared by Vim…)

  3. Max:

    Oh just use sarge from testing - works fine for me ;-)

    (dist-upgrade always makes things a little interesting..)

  4. Martin:

    Hi Max!

    I am actually using Sarge (testing) right now, my hope was just that it would have been released by now so that I could have made a clean install of it onto a RAID-1 system.

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