Merry Christmas!

It's Christmas Time! I want to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Nothing much has happened here at GimpsterDotCom, but as usual that only reflects that a lot has happened outside of it.

I have been busy working as a student programmer for the DAIMI:~dIntProg course. There I have worked on making all sorts of (hopefully) interesting assignments that the students will have to try their luck on next year. They are all done in Java and range from simple wrapper classes that enable one to do image manipulation to an MP3 player. The player is the current project, and I’m working on it with Mikkel Krøigård who now also works with the course.

Together with Mikkel and Andreas Danielsen I made a project in our [Cryptography][4]/crypto.html] course. In the project we looked at how one can generate truly random bits, and how a sequence of such bits can be made much longer with the [Blum-Blum-Shub][5] algorithm. You can download the project report (in PostScript and PDF formats) as well as the associated source files.

My favorite pet project, PEL, has not seen as much work lately. This is mostly because nobody so far seems to be using it for anything, but also because it actually works. I have yet to come across an image which the current version of PEL doesn’t handle correctly — if you find such an image, then please send it to me.

That was a little bit about what has been going on lately. Right now I’m with my parents in Aalborg, getting ready to celebrate Christmas tonight. Merry Christmas to you all! –Martin Geisler

[4]: [DAIMI:~ivan | [5]: WikiPedia:Blum Blum Shub

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