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Everybodys favorite (well… at least it’s my favorite) EXIF editing library — PEL, the PHP EXIF Library — just got better! Version 0.7 has been released. –Martin Geisler


Running PEL under PHP version 5.0.2 would produce incorrect EXIF data, this was fixed so that PEL works correctly on all versions of PHP 5. PEL now runs on installations without support for Gettext, but does so with English texts only. A new example script was added, showing how one can mass-rename images based on their timestamps using PEL. The Danish translation was updated slightly. The collection of test images has been split out as a separate download, cutting down on the size of a PEL download.


  • The image tests are now split into their own, separate download.

  • Added a test image from a Canon PowerShot S60.

  • Fixed a bug caused by a change in the way PHP 5.0.2 handles integers larger than 231-1. This change means that one can no longer use PelConvert::longToBytes() to convert both signed and unsigned bytes, one must now use sLongToBytes() for signed longs and longToBytes() for unsigned bytes.

  • Added a work-around, so the PEL will run (with English texts only) on installations without support for Gettext.

  • Added test/rename.php which shows how one can easily rename images based on their EXIF timestamps.

  • Updated the Danish translation.

  • Removed trailing newlines at the end of Pel.php and ~PelConvert.php.

Download PEL (279 KiB) (453 KiB) (608 KiB)

Download Image Tests (optional) (986 KiB) (991 KiB) (998 KiB)

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