PEL Version 0.4 Released

I’ve released my favorite project — the PHP EXIF Library — once again. This time the focus is on making PEL speak other languages than English. The release notes and a summary of the changes follow.


The infrastructure for internationalisation has been put in place. Preliminary translations for Danish, German, French, and Spanish is included. Support for tags with GPS information were disabled due to conflicts with a number of normal tags.


  • Disabled the code that tries to lookup the title and description of the GPS related tags, since those tags have the same hexadecimal value as a number of other normal tags. This means that there’s no support for tags with GPS information.

  • Marked strings for translation throughout the source code.

  • Added German, French, and Spanish translations taken from libexif. The translations were made by Lutz Müller, Fabian Mandelbaum, and Arnaud Launay, respectively.

  • Added Danish translation.

  • Added new static methods Pel::tra() and Pel::fmt() which are used for interaction with Gettext. The first function simply translates its argument, the second will in addition function like sprintf() when given several arguments.

  • Updated documentation, both the doc comments in the code and the README and INSTALL files.

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