The Royal Wedding

Monogram Even though I’m not particularly royal-minded I cannot help writing a little something about the wedding between Mary Donaldson and the Danish Crown Prince Frederik today in Copenhagen. The wedding will be today at 16:00.

I was up early (7:00) to put up the Danish flag “Dannebrog” at Skejbygård, and in doing so I noticed how many other flags there were up. I counted 31 flags in just the near surroundings of Skejbygård!

We’ll have a special bar later today at Skejbygård, and tonight there will be dinner at the basement — at the same time as the royals will have their dinner. I’m looking forward to it, even though I still don’t know what we’ll be eating :-)

While Mary and Frederik will enjoy their first weeks of being Crown Princess and Prince of Denmark, I’ll be studying for my exmas… But I wish them well anyway!

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