The PHP EXIF Library version 0.3 has been released

The latest version of PEL sports support for TIFF images and lots of other improvements. Read the announcement below, and go to the project page to download it.


Support was added for parsing TIFF images, leading to a mass renaming of files and classes to cleanup the class hierarchy. The decoding of EXIF data is now tested against known values (over 400 individual tests), this lead to the discovery of a couple of subtle bugs. The documentation has been updated and expanded.


  • Renamed all files and classes so that only EXIF specific code is labeled with Exif. So, for example, PelExifIfd is now PelIfd, since the IFD structure isn’t specific to EXIF but rather to TIFF images. The same applies to the former PelExifEntry* classes.

  • Fixed offset bug in PelDataWindow::getBytes() which caused the method to return too much data.

  • Added support for the SCENE_TYPE tag.

  • Fixed display of integer version numbers. Version “x.0″ would be
    displayed as just version “x” before.

  • Unit tests for EXIF decoding. PEL is now tested with an image from a Sony DSC V1 and one from a Canon IXUS II.

  • Changed all occurrences of include_once() to require_once() since the files are indeed required.

  • Updated documentation all over.

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