First public release of my PHP EXIF Library!

I’ve been working on a new library for PHP which will allow you to edit the EXIF headers found in most JPEG images produced by modern digital cameras. And I’m proud to present the result: PEL.

PEL is a library written in 100% PHP 5, and it can currently parse JPEG files and parse any EXIF headers found within the file. The EXIF headers can be changed at will, and they can be turned back into a byte stream, which can be saved as a valid JPEG image.

As far as I know, then this is the first library besides libexif to feature full read/write support for EXIF. Version 0.1 features most of the intended functionality, but the API is still subject to change. Interested parties should go to the development mailinglist and discuss the API, suggestions are very welcome! Also, remember to use the SourceForge trackers found on the project page to report problems.

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