It’s time again… it’s my birthday! :-)

Umm... birthday cakes... Today is my 22nd birthday, I’m a whole year older than last year, where did the time go? :-)

I’ve had a nice quiet day so far — people have congratulated me, and I’ve received a few presents: a really nice pair of jeans from my Mom and Dad and a DVD that looks really funny from my little brother, Kristoffer.

As usual in January, then I’m busy with exams… I’ll have my third and final exam tomorrow from 9–13. I’ve invited half of [Skejbygård][] to come and have cake and chocolate on Friday, and Saturday will be spend with the family, so this is all in all a very busy week! And that’s not all — to night Stéphanie and I will go and have dinner, something that I’ve been looking forward to for a long time!

That’s it for now — I’ll have more adventures to talk about later…

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