Sorry about that…

The WikiWikiWeb section of GimpsterDotCom were offline yesterday and part of today because of a stupid typo somewhere in the code that I couldn’t find. I know that some people looked for my PHP Tutorial in vain — sorry, but it’s back now.

I was trying to patch my already patched version of PhpWiki with a bit of code made by Janus Tøndering which should give me a simple file based user authorization system. The patch applied fine, no problem there and everything worked on my local system.

But when I uploaded the changes, then something went wrong, I don’t know exactly what. I tried to remove the patch and restore the code to working order, but the error just wouldn’t go away!

So I’ve now checked out a fresh copy of PhpWiki from CVS and applied my own patches and fixes as needed plus the patch from Janus. Everything seams to be working now, except that the authentification system won’t validate the users I’ve created — I’ll have to look at it some more for it’s rather simple and should work. When I get it working, then you’ll be able to get an account here at GimpsterDotCom so that you can edit the pages, just let me know.

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