Back again!

Wow it’s been a long time since I’ve last updated GimpsterDotCom, as I’m sure many of you will agree… I just wanted to relax this summer and part of that was to ignore my website for two months — go figure.

But the site hasn’t lied still while I was gone. People have used the oppotunity to mess up a whole lot of pages. I’ve restored them again, but if I’ve missed something, then mail me. It also no longer possible for everybody to edit the pages without as a consequence of that mess.

I’ve spend my summer holidays home in Denmark doing nothing special really. I’ve visited my mom and dad a couple of times but other than that I’ve stayed here at [Skejbygård][]. There I’ve had a lot of really good times with all the nice people that live here.

But now it’s almost over — I’ve start again next Monday. Then it’s homework, lectures and assignments again. But it will be fun: I’m attending a course on compilers, languages and their semantics and complex analysis.

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