The true noiseless PC

SID FutureClient® I’m still looking around for a new quiet system to replace my old system. Today I found the SID FutureClient® which is a complete, modern PC built without any fans at all!

The PC is build around a special liquid cooling system which means that it can use a 2.4 GHz Pentium 4 without requiring a fan. The power supply is able to deliver 170 W with an efficiency of over 85%. This means that it will loose 30 W of power as heat to the air when drawing 200 W. The rest is converted from AC to DC and then later turned into heat in the CPU, the harddrives, the RAM etc.

The case is built from aluminium and looks very stylish. It’s so strong that I will be able to put my big Philips 201P10 21″ monitor on top of it.

All very nice… the catch is the price tag: about 2,000 €. That’s a lot of money for a new computer, especially when you don’t get bleeding-edge performance. But then again, such a PC isn’t aimed at people who require the latest hardware to play the latest games, it’s rather aimed at people who are willing to pay that extra to get a completely silent PC.

I guess that if I saw one of these in real life running GNU/Linux, then I would buy it right away — for now I’ll look around a little more. I’ve had my old machine since September 2000, so a month more or less doesn’t make a huge difference. It also seems that I keep finding new interesting quiet products, it’s certainly nice to get an idea of the available options before you go and pay more than 1,500 € for a new machine.

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