DNS problems

One of the reasons as to why I haven’t update GimpsterDotCom for a while is, that I suddenly cannot resolve any DNS names?! There’s nothing wrong with my connection to the Internet, I just cannot resolve DNS names to IP addresses. So I haven’t checked my mail for the last five days, and I haven’t looked after GimpsterDotCom until now.

Although I can’t use the Internet, or at least not use any part of it for which I don’t know an IP address, I’ve still been able to utilize my fine broadband LAN connection through the use of FreeNet. Fortunately my FreeNet node knows most of it’s peers through an IP address, so it still works even though the rest of the system doesn’t. That’s pretty cool! I’ve been trying to upload all the eight CDs that make up the latest stable release of [Debian][]. So far I’ve uploaded two CDs, it’s awfully slow and takes an insane amount of RAM. But it’s doable, it just takes time.

So, please bear over with me until I get this DNS thing sorted out.


I’ve now sorted things out again — there’s now two DNS servers for our LAN, and, the first of which doesn’t work at the moment. My machine has a permanent IP address, so I’m not using DHCP and therefore I didn’t discover the change automatically, which left my computer without a working DNS server.

I’ve just emptied my mgeisler@mgeisler.net mailbox and I’ll come back to you as soon as possible. There were 400 mails waiting for me, but the vast majority of these are either SPAM (which TMDA “reads” for me) or traffic from the various mailinglists I follow.

But it’s good to be back on the Internet! :-)

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