A big “Thank You!” to those who help

After my last post you could the get the impression that I’m tired of running such an open WikiWikiWeb where everybody can change everything so easily. Nothing could be more wrong! When I explain the concept of a WikiWikiWeb to people most of them find it rather strange — they don’t understand how it could work.

But it does work. From time to time I see people correcting errors found on the pages here at GimpsterDotCom, making the site a little better each time. For example, after I restored [PHP Shell][], someone was kind enough to change the word “lunched” into the correct “launched” so that the page now make a lot more sense. I’m very grateful for those corrections because they’re the kind of mistakes that are hard to catch for me when I don’t speak English natively.

It’s these small and large contributions that proves to me that WikiWikiWeb~s work and I would like to thank everybody who have helped me since I launched (note, not lunched :-) GimpsterDotCom as a WikiWikiWeb.

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