Visit GimpsterDotCom in FreeNet!

Activelink for GimpsterDotCom I’ve now succesfully inserted GimpsterDotCom in FreeNet using the fcptools package. Go to GimpsterDotCom/1// and give my site a try! Like every other site on FreeNet, GimpsterDotCom has it’s own ActiveLink — it’s the little image on the right. So if you stumble over this image while browsing FreeNet, then click on it :-)

The site will be edition based, so that I can insert a new edition whenever I feel like. I’ll try and make a new edition a couple of times a week as the WikiWikiWeb at GimpsterDotCom is updated. Because the FreeNet edition is a mirror of the live then it’s easy to put comments on the pages by editing them on the real Internet. I know that this is isn’t anonymous, but on the other hand: there’s nothing at GimpsterDotCom that should require you to be anonymous. But I could insert a NIM (Near Instant Messaging) board if it seams worth is.

Ups, wrong key!

Some of you might have noticed, that the link above has changed from edition 6 to edition 1. This is because I’ve generated a new set of keys. I suddenly realised, that I had managed to use the public key with fcpputsite where it expected the private key. So my site ended up under a third key with a nice mixture of private and public keys in the links in the HTML code :-) I hope I’ve got things under control now.

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