A Year with TMDA

I’ve now been using the Tagged Message Delivery Agent for a year and the result has been fantastic — no more SPAM! During the last year, TMDA has stopped 4039 mails, that’s 11 mails each day on average. I’ve periodically released normal mails from the list, so the 4000+ remaining mails are all SPAM.

My whitelist now contain 223 addresses that go right through to my mailbox. An address is added automatically to the list when the sender replies to the challenge send out by TMDA. I’ve yet to put someone on my blacklist….

So, if you’re also troubled by SPAM, you should try TMDA. Now I only see SPAM once a month or so.

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  1. Martin Geisler:

    Stopping 11 spam mails with TMDA each day implies that I sent out 11 challenge mails each day to random people around the world… not so clever (as I believe Thomas and Janus already told me back then :-)

    I’ve since switched to the excellent SpamAssassin which eats all my spam without having me spam the rest of the world with challenge mails. Much better!

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