Wow, I did it again! :-)

I’ve now had my final exam, this time in DAIMI:dArkOS. And I did it again, I got the grade 13… I must say that the grade surprised me this time, I would have expected to get a 10, perhaps 11, for I didn’t do anything exceptional. Sure, I delivered a good performance, I covered a lot of stuff—they told me afterwards that I talked very fast—and was able to answer most of their questions or at least I was able to say something intelligent when asked.

But I also got some questions that I couldn’t answer, so I tried to move the subject over to something else and then answer that instead… I didn’t go into much detail with some of my answers, I described how the solution worked and discussed the pros and cons, but I didn’t work it through in all detail. But apparently that didn’t matter as much as I though :-)

So now I’ll be relaxing until we begin again this Monday. I’ve already bought the books we’ll be using: the four books cost just over 2,000 Danish Kroner, that’s about 250 USD! But they’re all hardcover editions and look very professional, so I don’t mind paying for them.

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