TheParty of my life…

Or something like that :-) I’ve just bought a ticket to The Party 2002, subtitled “The Party of Your Life”. I’ll be going with Thomas Mølhave and a friend of his, Christian. This is the second year in a row that I’ll be at The Party — last year was my first, and I was very impressed by the demos I saw.

The focus of The Party has shifted gradualy through the years from hardcore demo-making to people playing games, simply because there’s so many more gamers out there than sceners. And this year is no exception: the prizes for the scene competitions (compos) are much lower than for the game compos… The first price in scene compos is € 1000, but the first price in the game compos is € 4000. It doesn’t matter much for me, for I wont win either price, but it’s still sad that there’s fewer and fewer people who make demos.

In case you don’t know what a “demo” is, then I would suggest that you download the awesome Back to BASICs WiLD demo from –[Martin Geisler][4]

That is not an ordinary demo, it is a WiLD demo, which basicly has to do with the fact that it is prerendered. If you want to see a real demo try checking . The demo “vip2″ listed in the “top 10 prods” bar on the lower left is cool. –Thomas Mølhave

!!!Problems with MySql — a solution is underway

There’s been some problems with the MySql server that holds the data for this WikiWikiWeb lately — some of you have probably seen this error when you tried to access the site:

  • DB Error: unknown error

  • (LOCK TABLES phpwiki_page WRITE, phpwiki_version WRITE, phpwiki_link WRITE, phpwiki_recent WRITE, phpwiki_nonempty WRITE ~[nativecode=1017 ** Can't find file: './gimpster/phpwiki_page.frm' (errno: 24)])

I’ve just received a mail from NetSite where they tell me that a new server is on it’s way, and that they have found a temporary solution to the problem. And indeed it seams that things are working again now, since I can write this piece of news.

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