The Christmas Party

We had a huge Christmas Party here at Skejbygård]] yesterday… it was fun. We started Saturday evening and did not stop until Sunday morning — or some of us did not stop :-) I wont mention names, but who said anything about linking ;-) Just kidding, she had to work the next day, so it’s perfectly understandable that she “only” lasted until 4:00 in the morning.

Anyway, it was a fun party. We started with a nice Christmas Feast on our floor with Jesper Klintø, Camilla Johnsen, Mia Schneider, Olle Hansen, Kenn, and Søren. We were later joined by Sine and Katrine who just stopped by — we found out later, that Katrine knew Mia, and that Sine knew Christina, who came back from her babysitting in time to get some of the leftovers. We also found out, that Olle had met [Mia when he had been to London... it's a small world we live in!

I live in one of the two towers that make up Skejbygård][], and the bar is placed under the other tower. A couple of hours after it opened we moved down there, and continued the party. There was quite a few people there and a great atmosphere.

The really great thing about living at [Skejbygård][] is the sheer number of people you get to know. One of the guys I talked with was BjarkeSkjernaa who is in the network group here at [Skejbygård][]. We talked a little about the homepage (don’t go to yet — the page isn’t ready) and about TÅGEKAMMERET who arranges the parties at the Department of Mathematics at University of Aarhus.

I was also lucky enough to get a few dances with [Mia, Nina Ratenburg, and Mette Bukhave — really nice! Later I had a great talk with [Jesper about Life, the Universe and Everything…

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