Nice, Christmas presents…

I got a lot of nice presents yesterday: books, a good salt- and peberset, a sweater, and a headset for my telephone. Two of the books were by Leif Davidsen and contains five of his best stories. I haven’t read anything by this author yet, but my mom tells me that he is good, so I’m sure there’ll be a spot for the books in my collection of GoodBooks. I didn’t get the [book][2] I wrote about a couple of days ago, but then I’ll have to buy it myself or hope that I’ll get for my birthday which is just four weeks away…

I haven’t tried the headset for my phone yet, but I’ll give it a go as soon as I get back to [Skejbygård][] again. The problem is that I cannot use my keyboard when I talk with my dad — it’s very annoying to sit and type with only one hand! With the headset I should have total freedom to roam my room when talking with people, I’ll be able to do the dishes while talking :-)

Now that I’ve got a beautiful salt- and pebberset from Rosendahl I’ll be able to throw away my old set. The old set was just a cheap plastic set and you had to be very careful not to pull off the top when using it — Jesper Klintø will be delighted when he hears that he wont have to use the set again :-) –Martin Geisler

[2]: [ISBN:0201700735 |

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