Skating in Århus Skøjtehal

Image of Århus Ice Rink Today I was skating together with Torben Classen, Jesper Klintø, Camilla Johnsen, Nina Ratenburg, Mette Bukhave, Søren, Hilmar Magnusson, and Sif, all of Skejbygård]] fame :-)

This was the first time I’ve been skating in a couple of years, so I had almost forgot how it worked. The nice thing about ice skating is, that you can move slowly in your own pace to keep the balance, and then take on more speed as your confidence grows. The people who don’t know how to brake (like me!) are generally moving slowly, and the people the people who run around the ice rink playing catch know how to both brake and turn :-) So everybody gets along without problems.

I managed to stay on my feet the whole time, although I almost fell a couple of times, including one where Mette Bukhave thought she could grab my arm for support — that almost made me loose my balance. But by bashing my arms wildly around and probably also making some scared noises, I avoided it :-)

[Jesper and [Torben were rather good at skating: I saw them move backward (controlled that is) at one time. When I moved backward, then it was with panic written all over my face...

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  1. garry waters:

    i would like to know if you have a beginners day or night

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