Election for the board at SkejbyGård

Today we had the anual election for the board here at [Skejbygård][]. I’ve only been to one of these meetings before, but it’s usually fun because we get to discuss the daily life here at [Skejbygård][]. Last year we had a big discussion about whether our janitar BjarneBørresen should use salt or sand to keep the snow away from our sidewalks. We argued back and forth until someone finally gave up…

This year I had decided to run for election — I’m now the treasurer! We’re an almost entirely new board, it’s only Martin Justesen who survived the election. The chairman is Svenne, and then we have Mette Bukhave and Tine. I’ve never tried to be in a board before, so I’m pretty excited. But I know that both Svenne and Martin Justesen has tried it before, so I’m in good hands.

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