We’ve finished the first third of our project

Although I thought this last week was surposed to be my autumn holiday, I’ve still managed to spend around 6 hours at DAIMI each day… I’ve been working together with Thomas Mølhave and Mikkel Krøigård on our dPaSS project. And now it’s finished and it works! We were surposed to design a framework that will be used to build a calendar system. But we’ve actually made a working program where you can create new appointments, invite people to appointments and cancel appointments.

Everything is documented in the biggest document I’ve ever been part of, written in [LaTeX][] of course, we’re at about 70 pages right now. But it’s only about 18 of those pages that has text on them, the rest is titlepages, table of contents, and then all the code typeset using the excellent listings package. The definition we’ve been using for the BETA language is

    origin, include, body,
    enter, do, exit,
    if, then, else,
    for, repeat,
    leave, restart,
    dopart, descriptor, mainpart, attributes,
    true, false, and, or, not,
    none, this},

The comments started with (** is used for the CVS headings which tend to be fairly long. Using \footnotesize makes then small enough to fit into a single line. We’ve typeset all the code using a basicstyle of \small\sffamily using the Lucida Bright fonts from Y&Y which look fantastic. Unfortunately I cannot show you the report with the fonts, because of the license on these commercial fonts, which says that

Scope of Use. [...] If you need to publish material in electronic form that contains fonts or partial fonts, then you need to obtain an electronic publishing license.

And I don’t have such a license :-(

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  1. Martin Geisler:

    Hmm… it seems that Y&Y has switched from selling fonts to selling something else that will interest nerds: lingerie… :-)

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