Saw IMDB:The Bourne Identity (2002) today

Today I went and saw IMDB:The Bourne Identity (2002) together with Jesper Klintø and Christina Strøhl from my hallway here at [Skejbygård][] and Louise, Camilla and Kira. We had talked about seeing the movie for some time, and it turned out that today was the last day it was running.

I liked the movie a lot. It’s a solid action movie with all the things you would expect from an action movie: a nice car chase, good fight scenes, a hero that can deal with almost everything, and some high-tech scenes. The movie also had some moments where everybody in the movie theater held their breath because the music signaled that the bad guys could come any moment now… and when they finally came, everybody jumped from their seats!

As in most other action movies, then there’s also a love story in the movie — the love story in this particular movie is somewhat weak, but it helps drive the movie forward. So, all in all I like the movie, and I think you should go see it if you still have the chance.

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