Evening rain

It’s raining a little right now and it’s getting dark outside. I’ve just been for a walk in the rain — I’ve found out that a little walk helps me clear my mind. It’s refreshing to go for just a little walk around the neighbourhood of [Skejbygård][]. So instead of just sitting in front of my computer without anything particularly interesting to do, I go for a walk. I’ve even heard that it should be healthy to walk around like that…

Tonight the rain also did its part to cool my brain, and it was particularly nice to get away from the smell of French fries which filled my little appartment after my dinner… That’s the downside of having a kitchen and a living-room without any seperation: It’s hard to go somewhere else :-) But then on the other hand: if I didn’t have my own kitchen, then I would have to do the dishes every night instead of just doing them once every few days.

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