Back from Aalborg — I’m still sick

I’ve spend the last three days in Aalborg with my mom, dad and my younger brother Kristoffer. I was starting to feel better when I left Århus Monday morning, but the cold I’ve got quickly increased when I came to Aalborg.

So I didn’t do much when I was there — we watched IMDB:A Beautiful Mind (2001) on DVD on my parents new widescrean TV which was really nice. The film itself is amazing: Russell Crowe is fantastic in the way he can act using just his eyes. There’s several scenes where he doesn’t say anything, but his eyes and the expression on his face tells the whole story. I’ve really an amazing film, and if you haven’t seen it already, then you should hurry!

I also saw Kristian Kristensen while I was in Aalborg. It was really nice to get together and talk about the “old times” :-)

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