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I saw IMDB:Memento (2000) yesterday on the bigscreen TV in our basement here at [Skejbygård][] — I think it was Martin Justensen who had rented it on VHS. It was a really strange movie because the timeline went backwards. You saw a clip and then a couple of minutes later you would see action that lead up to the clip you had just seen. So everytime you saw something you had to guess on what could have coursed it: you knew the ending but not the beginning.

The film was about a guy who had lost his short-term memory and who could now only remember what had happened for the last few minutes. So, just like us, he constantly had to try and figure out what he was doing. For example: He wakes up in a bed besides a woman, but he doesn’t recognize her — and neither do we because we haven’t seen her before. This is what makes this movie so different, different in a positive way.

Tonight I’m going to see IMDB:Minority Report (2002) with Tom Cuise. I’ve seen some very good reviews of it, so I’m really excited. Steven Spielberg has made some fantastic movies in the past so I hope that this will be another movie on that list.

(A little later…) I’ve now seen IMDB:Minority Report (2002) and I like it. The story was great and unpredictable, the theme about how you’re going to react if you know your future was very interesting. The question is: if you know your future, do you then do things as to make the prophecy come true? Can you know about the future without letting it affect your actions? Interesting stuff!

Playing with the WikiWikiWeb

I’m starting to learn how to use my new WikiWikiWeb - it gives me a nice dynamic website with a minimum of effort.

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