Back from Cyprus

Map of Cyprus

Sorry about the lack of updates here at — I’ve been on vacation for the last 14 days. I started with a week home in Aalborg, and after that we traveled to Cyprus. My Grandma was also with us on the trip.

The first thing I noticed when we had landed in Pafos was the heat. The temperatures in Denmark had been around 20° C (about 68° F) whereas the temperature in Pafos was around 35° C (almost 100° F) — way to much for my taste. Because the humidity was high, the heat felt much more annoying, it really sucked all energy away from the body when you went from an airconditioned room to the outside. We stayed in a holiday apartment at the Pagona Hotel — the only room with aircondition was the bedroom, which meant that I spend quite some time there reading…

But we didn’t stay at the hotel all the time — we went on a bustrip to the Troodos mountains where we saw the Kykko Monastery. That was a really nice trip: the temperature dropped about 10° C when we got up in the mountains. It was also on interesting trip because our guide used the time on the bus to talk about the history of Cyprus, the economic and social conditions and so on. So we could sit there and enjoy the beautiful landscape while being educated at the same time :-)

Another nice trip was the Catamaran Cruise. We started in Pafos which lies in the south-west corner of Cyprus. We then sailed north along the cost to Coral Bay where we could swim. They had snorkel gear on the boat that we could borrow — it was great fun to swim with extra fins on the feet. We also had a great lunch on the ship. Throughout the trip, our guide would sneak up on us and shoot us with a water-pistol loaded with ice-water! Some of the children soon began to fight back with water from their water bottles… The ice-water came from three large boxes that were full of icecubes when we started in the morning, but now that most of the cubes had thawed, the water was perfect for a little water fight. In the end Thomas (our guide) took one of the boxes and poured the water onto some of the girls that were sunbathing at the front of the ship! Great entertainment :-)

Now that I’m back in Denmark, I’ll look at the emails that I’ve received while I was gone — it might take a while, but I will answer them over the next couple of days, so be patient.

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