Summer Bar

I’ve just come home from the first Summer Bar here at Skejbygård… It started with me playing dart with Svend for over an hour: it takes an incredible amount of tries to hit all twenty targets in the correct order, hitting the little ring around bulls eye, and then finishing off by hitting bulls eye itself :-) I joked that it ought to take me about 400 throws to hit the twenty targets, because I had a 1/20 chance of hitting the right target in each throw. In the end we decided that it was a draw, although Svend was leading in most of the game.

After that I played with Jesper who lives at the same hall as me. He managed to beat me, but just barely! :-) A little later I played even more dart, this time with Christina who also live right next door to me. Christina has just moved in, but that didn’t keep her from beating me soundly: I had only managed to hit the targets from 20 down to 12 when she finished off with a perfect hit at the bulls eye! Amazing!

With all that playing dart, I cannot understand if I’m not getting better… I guess time will tell. I’ll go to bed now so that I can be ready for the final match in the World Cup. Good night!

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