I’m done with the written exams!

Yes!! Today I had my last written exam in this round. That means that I’ve had three of my four exams — the last one is aural Calculus (mathematical analysis).

Todays test was written Calculus. I believe it went pretty well — I answered all the questions, and with the help of my TI89 graphics calculator I was able to check most of my answers. It’s a fantastic help to have a calculator that can do symbolic manipulation — many of the calculations were quite long and boring, and the risk of making a little mistake was high. I cought myself saying “2 × 3 = 5″…

I now have about ten days to prepare for the next and final exam. I have to make an outline for 31 subjects in those ten days, so there’ll be plenty to do. But we get 30 minutes to prepare ourselves at the exam, so I don’t think it’ll be that bad — or perhaps I’m just being optimistic :-)

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