Hmm — a virus is loose (again…)

Watch out for viruses!

It seems that the Windows community is suffering from yet another virus-attack. I’ve received 53 — no make that 54 — mails from all over the world with an attachment of type audio/x-wav and various subjects.

I believe that this is the W32/Klez.h@mm virus that is to blame, so please get yourself some good antivirus software (and keep it updated) if you’re using Windows or any other operating system for that matter — you can also get antivirus software for Linux these days. It’s just that the vast majority of viruses target Windows based machines because there are so many more machines to infect by doing so instead of going after Linux or Macs.

It’s also much harder for a virus to infect a machine like mine because I don’t use a mailreader that will execute each and every script it sees… It does happen from time to time that I receive a HTML-email. Gnus will then invokes the W3 webbrowser in Emacs to display the mail. This browser doesn’t support any of the scripting languages used by viruses — it just displays the page. It’s this kind of simplicity that keeps systems secure — I’ve never heard that all those scripting capabilities were used for something useful, instead we hear again and again that a virus has been allowed to executed malicious code on the client machine. So if you’ve never used those scripting capabilities, then please turn them off — if you can…

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