My Exam is coming up…

As you might have guessed, then I’m studying for my upcoming exam in linear algebra, also know as Mat10. The exam is the 15th so there’s still plenty of time. I’ve now worked by way through all the subjects we will be tested in, and have made a (Danish) document in LaTeX with all the theorems and proofs. I’ve now written something for every subject — there’s even a proof of the nasty Cayley-Hamilton Theorem! At first I thought it was very confusing, but then I found a proof on the net (sorry — I didn’t save the link) that took the time to explain things properly, and that helped.

The exam is without preparation, so I’ll probably have to rehearse some more… I’ve never tried this kind of exam so I don’t know what to expect. It sounds a bit scary, that I have to be able to talk about a random subject — just like that. My last exam in math was with 20 minutes of time for preparations — plenty of time to look things up in the books and so on… But on the other hand, we wont get a grade for this exam — we either pass or fail. That should make things much easier.

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