Happy New Year to everyone!

We had a good New Years Eve yesterday — the weather was a bit foggy at first, but it cleared up just around midnight, so that we could see all the beautiful fireworks. We have a really nice view of the city from the first floor — it was spectacular!

A thumbnail of a cube with rounded corners The Party was really cool! thoooms gave me a crash-course in OpenGL programming — I have now made a program that builds and illuminates a nice cube with rounded corners — take a look at the picture at the right. The idea is that this cube should one of 27 cubes that would make a Rubik’s Cube. I think it would be really cool to have a real three-dimensional Rubik’s Cube — one that you can rotate and solve using your mouse…

When I told thoooms about my plans, he looked a little uneasy. He showed me a huge book, that he had got this Christmas, and turned to a chapter about something called picking. It turned out, that it was far from simple to figure out which object the user actually points at in the 3D world — the book had a whole chapter devoted to that subject alone! So it’ll probably take a while before my program will be able to do that :-)

But that doesn’t matter, as it’s really fun to play with OpenGL. I’ve also gained a better understanding of all the hard work that lies in the fancy games we see today — there’s a really long way from my simple cube to that! :-)

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    [...] Happy newyear folks. I was at The Party after christmas and as always I had loads of fun. I went there with Martin (gimpster) and paaske. We sat way in front so we didn’t even have to move to see the bigscreen, that was cool. Another benefit of sitting upfront is that you don’t have to sit besides gamers (lamers that is). We sat next to guy who knew a great deal about the scene so we had some funny talks :) (hi aske!). [...]

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