Emacs 21

GNU head

I installed Emacs 21 today — when using Debian it’s particularly easy, you just do apt-get install emacs21 :-) I was pleased to find out that Emacs 21 can coexist with Emacs 20. All my setting worked in the new version, and I could even read my mail and news without any problems.

The new Emacs looks different from earlier version — quite different in my opinion. The new version has a toolbar with little images you can click on, it has tooltips all over the place, and it supports inline images and proportional-width fonts. The menus have changed and they are now organized logically that before.

I don’t like the toolbar that much, and I’m tempted to turn off those tooltips. I saw that there is an option, that makes them appear in the minibuffer window instead. I have only used it for a day or so, but I haven’t found any bugs or missing features. Instead I’ve found a lot of new functionality and a lot of new exciting packages.

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