The Hungarian trip

I’ve just posted some news I wrote on my trip to Hungary. But here’s a little more about the trip.

We we’re lucky that the weather was good. The first two days or so it rained a lot (in fact it was just like in Denmark :-) but then the sun started shining. So the temperature rose to above 30 °C (86 °F) and the water also got warmer. But the temperature also made it somewhat unpleasant to walk around in the cities in the middle of the day.

Perhaps it’s part of this kind of holiday, but I quickly got fed up with driving for two hours to see some sight and then drive back again two hours later. We spend a lot of time on the Hungarian roads — too much I think. I would rather that we had lived right in the middle of Budapest, so that we could have concentrated on that. There must be some sights there.

We lived in a small town called Sukoró by Lake Velence. We went into the nearest large city, Sz�kesfeh�rvár (it took us about three days before we could pronounce it :-) a couple of times. We also tried to drive into Budapest, but was lucky to escape a huge traffic jam. We tried again on a Sunday and looked at some of the sights along the Duna.

But now we’re home again — that’s the best part of every trip: the return to home :-)

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