Wonderful cheap pizzas!

Today we drove to the city Kecskemét where we ate some really good pizzas at a place called Labirintus. (Unfortunetely their webpage isn’t as good as their food.) The meal ended up costing about 2500 Ft which is about 10 USD! And that includes soft drinks for my mom, my dad, my little brother, and me! It’s amazing how little food costs here in Hungary.

Also, the meals at McDonald are also much cheaper than in Denmark — as much as 50-60% under the Danish price. At restaurants we could order a big Coca-Cola for under a dollar. In Denmark it would have costed more than three times as much.

After we had seen the town we drove further south to see the Putza, which is the Hungarian plains. There we saw a horseshow where the riders demonstrated how they had full control over the horses, even when the whips were sounding right above their heads — impressive.

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