No news for a while — again…

Yes I know — I should update this page more often. But I’ve just been busy lately… So let me just give you an update on what I’ve been up to:

Making Physics reports

Because we’re a little behind schedule in physics, we’ve had to make a report every week for the last six weeks. That’s simply too much… But now I’ve finally managed to write most of them — one more and I’m all done!

The problem is, that we’re experimenting with the same stuff that we did last year: we’ve made two reports about how radioactive elements behave… It pretty boring stuff, and because there’s so many questions, you can’t really just finish it quickly.


I’ve been fooling around with a lot of pointers lately — we’re writing a program that implements several different algorithms for sorting a linked list. It a project we’re making in our computer-science class, by “we” I mean: Cookie, Ole and Tais.

I’ve written something that resembles a Quicksort, but so far it can only be called a semi-slow-Quicksort :-) It’s slower that a Mergesort Ole has written, but at least it’s quicker that a Treesort I’ve made…

Hopefully we’ll be able to optimize it a bit before the project it finished.

Waiting for my EPL-5800PS

First I was told by that my printer would arrive on April the 25th. But it didn’t show up — now they say that it’ll be here on May the 10th. I really hope that they’re correct this time.

It’s a shame that it won’t make it before I’ve finished all my physics reports — I’m can’t wait to print my beautiful reports written in LaTeX with a 1200 DPI printer :-)

I’ll try to make another update soon — but my first written exam is on May the 10th, so don’t expect too much activity up to that “event”.

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