Good old Matrox…

A G400 box

I’ve just downgraded my machine to a Matrox G400 instead of a Asus V7700. Strange, but true :-)

This morning my fathers Windows 2000 went crazy. The graphics was garbled, so we tried switching graphics-cards. He got my V7700 and I got his G400. So, now his machine works again, and so does Linux-installation (a very slick Redhat 7.1 Deluxe Workstation).

I really didn’t play all that much Quake after all, so I figured that I didn’t needed all the power of the V7700. But there’s another advantage of having a G400: the image is now much sharper. I run my monitor @ 1600×1200, so it’s important that the card is able to produce a sharp picture, even at that resolution. The V7700 gave me a slightly blurred image, but the G400 is just sharp.

Another nice “feature” of the G400 is the lack of a fan on the card. The V7700 had a fan that made an irritating noise. Now that’s gone too.

At first I thought about buying a G450, but it seams that it also got one of those fans… And with my 21″ monitor, I don’t really need the Dualhead-features of the G450. I once had a G400 with Dualhead, and although it was mighty cool, I think that I can live without it. (For now :-)

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