The perfect printer?

I think I’ve found the perfect printer for Linux. It’s the Epson EPL-5800PS, which have all the features I want:

  • Adobe® PostScript®3™. This is the most important feature. I wanted to be able to print to it directly — and not through Ghostscript or some other filter. I use LaTeX for all my writing and it’s easy to convert the DVI-files produced by LaTeX into Postscript files.

  • True 1200 DPI output. As laser printers get better and better, I had decided that I wanted to go for 1200 DPI, if that was possible for a reasonable price. And indeed it was :-)

  • Lots of RAM — 144 MiB! All the other printer I’ve seen have between 8 and 16 MiB of RAM. You can get 32 MiB if you want to pay about 3,500$, but that’s ridiculous! 256 MiB PC133 RAM costs about 100$ today, so why does it have to be so expensive when you have to use it in a printer?

    This printer have 144 MiB of RAM (!) and it only costs about 700$. I don’t know how that’s possible, but it sure looks like a good deal.

    I don’t really know how much RAM I’ll need. I figure that 32 MiB ought to be enough, since that’s what the other expensive printers got. So 144 MiB should be more than enough, right?

If some of you have any experience with this printer, or have a good tip abot another good printer, then please let me know ASAP! If I don’t find any bad info about it, I’ll probably order it very soon! It looks like I’ll have to wait a couple of weeks before I can get it though :-(

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