Roadtrip to LinuxForum 2001


Tomorrow I’ll be heading for Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. I’m going to the LinuxForum 2001 conference, together with Cookie and Tais.

I’m really excited about this, and expect to bring home loads of merchandice: t-shirts badges etc :-) It’ll be great! Apart from this, there’s also some very interesting talks. I recently switched to Debian, so I look forward to hear the talks about this. But there will also be talks about a lot of other interesting subjects.

Cookie told me, that they had spoken to Raster about having him speak at the conference! Judging from the news on his homepage, he would probably have spoken about “his new toy”: Evas. This would have been awesome — to have met this incredible talented guy… Wow. But they found out, that they didn’t have an empty slot for him, so he won’t be there. What a shame!

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