Mersenne Primes

M_p = 2^p-1 Last Monday I finished by big Danish paper on Mersenne primes, or Mersenne primtal as it’s called in Danish.

I made it to my school only ten minutes before the deadline, because it took over an hour to print the darn thing! I had underestimated the printing, because when I printed it during the week, I only printed the important pages, and skipped the title page, the table of contents, the appendix etc. But with all those pages the report is 36 pages long, and since I have to print at “Best” quality on my Deskjet 970Cxi it took a loong time to print… But I made it — with time to spare :-)

I’ve put the paper up in the Danish section of my site, so that you can take a look. You’ll find several different formats to choose from, so everybody should have a chance. But if your browser can’t display the image above, in PNG format, then don’t bother trying the HTML versions. Due to patent problems, all the images are in PNG format.

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