Yesterday I finally got my soundcard working again, after I switched to Debian. I really didn’t understand what the problem was, because the card was found without problems when I booted. But when I tried to play some sound using XMMS, I was told to check that my sound-card was properly configured etc…

The problem turned up to be that I didn’t have read-write permission to the soundcard. I think it would have been nice, if XMMS would have told me that. In fact, it was only because I was playing with the Open Media System DVD PLayer that I got the idea to look at the permissions. OMS complained to me that it didn’t have permission to access my DVD drive. So I had a look at it, and surely enough:

gimpster:~# ls -l /dev/hda brw-rw----    1 root     disk       3,   0 Nov 30 16:22 /dev/hda

At the same time I had a look at the permissions for the sound-card. When those were fixed also, I had sound!

OMS works great, if it were not for the poor performance I get on my NVIDIA GeForce2 GTS. The playback isn’t smooth, and you can hear some clicks in the audio. But I’m sure it’ll get better when they make some code for my card, like they’ve done for Matrox cards.

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