18,660 — right in the middle of Nowhere!

Today I went to be examined to see, if I was liable for military service. Since I’m 18, there is a possibility, that I have to spend between 3 and 9 months by doing military service. I really don’t want to, since I believe that I can find much more interesting ways to spend my time.

First we saw a couple of video-film that explained how the day would be. Then we did some tests, where one had to guess the remaining number in a sequence with four numbers. The first one was easy: 1 3 5 7 ?, but they got really though at the end: 50122 5112 422 43 ?.

Then I waited for a little over an hour, before a doctor could look at me. I was reasonably healthy, so I was approved for military service, assuming that I didn’t draw a number that was too high in the lottery that came next.

Because there are too many young people in my year, not everyone has to spend time in the military. If you draw a number between 1 and 15,000, then you are certain that you’ll be called upon, a number between 15,001 and 24,000 means that you might have to spend some time there, and a number between 24,001 and 36,000 means that you’re free.

So, since I draw number 18,660, I don’t know what I’ll be doing after the summer. I could make a deal, meaning that I give up my chance that 18,660 is a free-number and get to choose where I want to go. Then I’ll be certain that they don’t put me somewhere that I don’t like.

It’s really anoying that I didn’t draw a number that clearly defined whether or not I had to do military service. This way, I have to gamble, and that is not something that I like particularly :-)

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