Working on a new news-system

I’m currently working on a new and improved version of my news-system. The current system is based entirely on text-files. Why did I choose to use text-files, instead of entering the news into something like phpMyAdmin, you might ask. The answer is simple: I can use Emacs to write the text-files, but would have to use a browser (like Netscape) to enter the information into phpMyAdmin. And the current system works beautifully. I now have about 85 text-files in the include directory, and the page is still rendered pretty fast.

But using text-files isn’t the smartest way to store data. If I had stored the news in a database, I could search them easily or group them into different topics.

So, I had to find a way to bridge the gap between Emacs and the database. The solution, what I’m working on right now, is to write a text-file, parse the file with PHP and put the results into the database. That way I can still use Emacs to write the news, but I also get the fancy features of the database.

I’ll let you know when it’s finished, so you can take a look at my code.

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