Archive for June 2000

My script is working

Now my new script is working — the last piece of news had to be helped a bit before it found it’s way here.

A little test

I’m testing my new and improved news-script. It should now upload the files after I’ve edited them. So lets see if this makes it’s way to the Internet all by itself…

Work, work, work, …

Guess what: I’ll be at work on Monday too. I don’t know how they talked me into it, but when they start to beg, lying on their knees, crying… How should I could turn them down :-)

Anyway — now I have two days off (due to a blessed little something called a weekend :-) so I’ll try to get some work done on these pages. Remember, I haven’t made any promises…

Even more work

I’ll be at work tomorrow also. That makes it a whole week of work, except for the Monday, which was a Danish holiday. But now comes the weekend, then I’ll have a chance to relax a little.

Also, due to working 9-10 hours everyday (poor little me :-) I haven’t updated these pages in a long time. The gimps-section is still not working — I’ll have to get that sorted out.

Working all day

I went to work today — for 10 hours straight, from 9 AM to 7 PM. I makes you kind of exhausted when you finally get home again.

And there was still no sign of my monitor. Dammit.