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PHP Shell version 1.4

In case you downloaded the first version, then you properly noticed that the links to the parent directories of the current working directory didn’t work. They all pointed to shell.php — that was my working title, but I forgot to update the links as i switched to the name phpshell.php.

You can see the version of your file by looking for a timestamp in phpshell.php. It should say 1.4.

First version of PHP Shell released!

I’ve just released PHP Shell, a script I made in my efforts to get Webalizer to compile. By using the script, you will be able to execute aribitary commands on your webserver. You are only limited by the rights of the user the webserver is running as. This makes it very powerful/dangerous. Use it at your own risk :-)

Of cause it’s released under the GPL, so feel free to take it and make it even more useful. Just remember to give me credit.

The stats are working


You can now take a look at the stats for my site. After trying to compile Webalizer on the server for three days, I decided that it would be much simpler id I just retrieved the log with ncftpget, parsed it on my own machine and generated the output, and then uploaded it again with ncftpput. So I put all this into a cron-script and I made it work in only 20 minutes. The cron-script is run once a day.

I’m overheating!

It’s hot — very hot. The temperature is about 30 degrees Celsius in the shade — thats about 86 degrees Fahrenheit for you Americans. The worst thing is that it is warmer outside than indoor, so you really don’t want to go out — even though you know that you ought to…

I don’t know if it is the heat, but I haven’t got my Webalizer to work yet. But I’ll keep trying!

Stats for


I’m working on a stats-page for my site. It is working right now at my home-machine. I’m not sure how I’ll manage to get it running on the remote server — perhaps I’ll have to do a ./configure && make in a PHP. It can be done, but I’ll rather have some shell-access.

I’m using Webalizer to generate the statistics. I first tried Analog but I didn’t get to compile. The output from Webalizer also looks better in my opinion.