No more database for you!

I’ve finally solved the problems with the database — I’ve stopped using it for the news. I had all kinds of problems when I tried to save text into the database, that contained a '. The database thought that it was the end of the string, so I had to escape all the 's.

But then I found out that my local server at home, and the server at Netsite differed. My server couldn’t handle the 's, while the other coped with them fine. So far I’ve been able to test my pages at home, and then upload them — if there were a difference, I would have to build extra tests into my scripts… Thats not a good thing :-)

But now the news lies in normal text-files, made by Emacs. That is another good thing about this new way of storing the news: I don’t have to sit and type them in, in Netscape.

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